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Try These Landscaping and Exterior Improvements for Better Curb Appeal

Michelle Metcalf of RE/MAX Select is a Certified Residential Specialist who can help you with the necessary resources you need to make the right choice whether you’re buying or selling. Team up with Michelle today! (520) 400-5735

Try These Landscaping and Exterior Improvements for Better Curb Appeal

It pays to put some extra time into making sure your home’s exterior is attractive to potential buyers, especially, as this may often be the first thing they’ll see. Even if you’re not planning on investing a lot of time and money in upgrades prior to selling, it’s a good idea to tend to any obvious issues with your home. And, as residential specialist Michelle Metcalf of RE/MAX Select explains, sometimes just a few minor upgrades and refreshers can significantly enhance your home’s appearance and give a favorable first impression.

See if you need to invest in any repairs or replacements.

Even if you’ve been living comfortably with something that is broken, damaged, or aesthetically less than pleasing, that doesn’t mean it won’t make a bad impression on people coming to look at your home. Maybe it’s something minor like a damaged section of fence or siding. Though it isn’t major or structural, it sends the wrong message to buyers: that the house has been neglected, or that there may even be more significant issues, like with the foundation or roof. notes that curb appeal is all about sending the right message, so take care of this kind of damage prior to putting your home on the market.

Repairs you can do yourself.

A lot of these fixes are not difficult or expensive. You can probably take care of refreshing your house’s paint yourself or fixing a section of fence. However, more extensive jobs may require a professional touch. For instance, if your windows are old, damaged, or unappealing, it’s a good idea to have them replaced, but unless you’re quite handy, try to have a contractor take care of it so you won’t find yourself biting off more than you can chew.

Make small improvements and get big results.

There may be small, easy upgrades you can make to your home exterior that can provide a nice extra touch. Consider switching out exterior light fixtures or doorknobs for something eye-catching and stylish. Or, replace worn-out shutters with new custom wooden ones in a colonial or craftsman or other styles. If your lawn or garden area lacks privacy, House Beautiful points out that putting up a simple fence can help.