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5 Reasons Why Green Valley, AZ Is The Perfect Place To Retire

You have worked hard, raised a family, moved from home to home, changed jobs, and lived through hard times and beautiful times. Now your kids are grown and out of the house, and all of the hard work you have put in for so many years is about to pay off because you are getting ready to retire.

So as you prepare to pack up your home and move, the important question becomes, where do you want to live?

If you are seeking a long and happy retirement full of peace and quiet in a beautiful setting under sunny skies, Green Valley is a great choice for you. In fact, Green Valley was recently named one of the top places to retire by Forbes. So let’s take a look at five reasons why Green Valley, Arizona is the perfect place to retire.

1. Embrace Your Health

As we age, our physical and mental health becomes ever more important, so choosing a place to retire that provides a low stress environment is important. You will want to chose a place to retire that offers a comfortable climate, that is beneficial for your health.

The dry desert air and the stunning mountain vistas that surround Green Valley make it a wonderful spot to live. The clean air quality provides abundant health benefits for anyone who visits.

Everything you will need to live comfortably is within walking distance in Green Valley, so you can eliminate the stress of any long driving commutes. Green Valley’s kind and caring doctors and excellent local hospital ensure that any health concern can be attended to promptly and directly, without anyone needing to worry about traveling far to seek out helpful advice from a medical professional.

2. A Sense of Community

One of the oft-cited potential pitfalls of retirement for many is the fear of becoming isolated or separated from the rest of society. Community is so important, and one of the reasons that Green Valley is such a perfect place to retire is its strong sense of community. The local stores here are Mom & Pop style institutions run by friendly and welcoming members of the local community who will make you feel like you are home. So even as you keep in touch with loved ones near and far over the internet, you can also make new connections and participate in local activities in the area.

Visit the Green Valley Farmer’s Market to get caught up on the latest seasonal produce available, or visit the beautiful nearby Quail Creek Country Club, where you can meet other golf and nature enthusiasts. The perfectly manicured golf course here provides a challenging run suitable for both novices and avid golfers. In fact, Green Valley has eight golf courses, as well as swimming pools, pickleball courts, tennis courts, and recreational clubs.

With so many retirement communities in the area, there are plenty of amenities and resources geared towards creating new communities in the area. And with a lower than average crime rate in Green Valley, it is easy to get out and meet people.

3. Natural Beauty

For nature lovers who want to fill their days with lovely walks along a river, well-kept bicycle trails, and gorgeous mountain hikes in the Santa Rita mountains, Green Valley offers all these things. Palm trees and desert scenes provide spectacular sunrise and sunset views, which can be the perfect way to experience the hot summer days, mild winter months, and cool summer nights. For birding enthusiasts, the river valley provides a special meeting point for the local fauna who flock to the Santa Cruz River.

Just outside of town, you can visit an ancient refuge in the desert, that has been inhabited by people for more than 1000 years. The Colossal Cave is full of crystals and ancient wonder; at this park you can enjoy a picnic, go camping, and even ride on horseback throughout the surrounding desert landscape.

In town, the Desert Meadows Park offers a tranquil setting for nature lovers to visit during the day. Founded by the Green Valley Gardeners, the park is used as a botanical growing ground for the public to enjoy.

4. Local Culture

The whole town of Green Valley is surrounded by old copper mines and the town is rich with the history of the ancient Sonoran Desert communities. You can learn more about the complex and mysterious network of irrigation canals used by these ancient people at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. Or drive twenty minutes from Green Valley to visit the nearby San Xavier Mission.

The mission was built in 1797 and presents the oldest still standing work of European baroque architecture in Arizona. For religious visitors, you can even experience attending mass; the church is still active even today. But for secular and religious visitors alike, the mission’s murals and original statues are well worth a visit.

5. Financial Benefits

With lower than average costs of living and lower than average housing prices, Green Valley offers an affordable retirement option that can allow you relax and rely on the income you’ve saved over many years of hard work.

There are no state income taxes on Social Security benefits in Arizona, and no inheritance or estate state taxes, providing extra enticements for retirees to settle in this sunny desert state. And for those retirees who would rather keep working on a part time job, there are plenty of opportunities to find a suitable part time gig in Green Valley.

Settling Into Life in Green Valley

Your retirement years are all about embracing a slower pace of life, taking time for hobbies, family, and friends, and enjoying the place that you live. With all the wonderful sights, sounds, and amenities that Green Valley has to offer, you can rest assured that this sunny desert community will welcome you with open arms.